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More info about my research!

Name: Miguel Jordan (Michel)
Email: esiomajb@gmail.com

Primary Preoccupation:
Electrical Engineer by the Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering Faculty, Universidad de Chile (University of Chile). Iam making my doctorate studies in Thought-Translation-Devices for people with decreased communication capabilities.

Iam also very interested in anomalous phenomena research, especially in relation to people with paranormal capacities and other direct anomalous phenomena. I prefer to work more in field, that is, places where anomalous phenomena arise. Iam very interested in the phenomenological issues related to those Anomalous Phenomena (AP), and very precisely, trying to find parameters for understanding and recognition of phenomena intentionality. Technically speaking Iam more interested in Genuine Intelligent Anomalous Phenomena (GIAP) but the correct concept is more related to manifestations because these consider more the fact that we are dealing with intelligent beeings and also with some other phenomena related to them or that are due to the manifestation of those beeings. This is the reason because I prefer to speak from Intelligent Unknown Manifestation or Intelligent Anomalous Manifestation (IAM or IUM) and not so much about Intelligent Anomalous Phenomena (IAS) unless both are related as explained above.

Here is also important to consider that some phenomena unless paranormal for the witness could not be intended or controlled by the unknown intelligent entities and maybe they do not know about this phenomena perceived by the witness and these is one of the reasons why we may not assume that the whole paranormal phenomena perceived by a witness must be completely due to the intentions of tis unknown intelligences.

As a field researcher, I try to be very close and often to people, places and time lapses where and when diverse supposed anomalous phenomena take place. Also, I try to make research with people that claim to have psychic aptitudes and who induce the manifestation of Genuine Anomalous Phenomena (GAP), IAS and IAM, and/or whose surrounds GAP appear.

The definition of GAP is something very difficult to understand and conceive, because (I think that) you need some kind of long, periodic and intense anomalous experiences with such phenomena to discover their nature (of appearing and interaction). GAP are anomalous phenomena proved over time by the researcher, and despite of this, it is concerned and related specially to subjective aspects regarding directly to the GAP researcher. Each researcher have to question himself if he had have a genuine anomalous phenomena, and the answer must have no doubts about having experienced something really strange. Searching for a “yes or no” answer need that the researcher have a long story of strange phenomena encounters (no matter if other ones believe him or not), so to have a better pool of experiencing for contrasting possible strange phenomena in relation to genuine anomalous phenomena, specially those where anomalous presence take place (anomalous intelligence) and the interaction responds also to this characteristic. This is because my way of researching is more subjective than objective, because it is very difficult to get approval from the “anomalous presence” for participating in a laboratory test. Because I know that it is very improbable (but not impossible) that this condition occurs, I searched for more adaptive alternatives that permit some “dangerous intimacy”. The final goal is to have a closest encounter with the anomalous presence (phenomena) to get some idea or feeling about the intentions and essence (noumena) of the felt presence. Because this is the only effective way I find to make direct and real continuous contact with the anomalous presence (GAP entity or IUM), and because this is more related to subjective issues than objective ones, it is something very difficult to understand with the traditional “scientific method” and “scientific way of doing, feeling and understanding things”. But this is one of my goals, no matter what other could expect from me. The purpose is the next: ”make contact”, more than “how to make contact?” If we could realize the first objective, the question of how and of why will be maybe more clear.

GAP experiences are often a very personal experience issue, where sometimes other people could participate and/or could be surprised and react as casual perceptors but GAP will still remain in a very close intimacy. Resuming the concept, we can say that GAP phenomena are induced with entities that involved themselves in a kind of face-to-face interaction where the first one is the perceptor and the second one is this unknown intelligent entity. It is important to explain that we (as less the author) perceive that this kind of GAP entities will appear specially when they decide to manifest themselves and the related conditions of appearance are another difficult issue to understand.

Iam trying to investigate how people with some “anomalous issues” develop their peculiar abilities for inducing such GAP, or/and how and why anomalous phenomena appears close and often to these perceptors and also to the unknown entities (remember thay many paranormal phenomena must not neccesarily be under control and knowledge for the unknown intelligences close to the witness.

I´am very interested in the next issues: 1) perception of anomalous presence; 2) conscious and unconscious induction and interaction with anomalous phenomena (AP like UFO´s, paranormal phenomenon, others), 3) intentionality of the external entities involved with such kind of GAP phenomena (supposed to be benign for example (god intentions)); 4) perceptor´s physiological functioning in presence of anomalous phenomena; 5) Altered States of Concioussness (ASC) before, during and after the anomalous phenomena manifestation take place (short and large effects of exposition to encounters with anomalous phenomena and the anomalous perception itself); 6) other subtle minor phenomena accompanying anomalous phenomena processes (Dream "special messages" phenomena and the message content itself, telepathy events, ASC, others).

With the time I find that anomalous phenomena is something less tangible, but not because of this untangible. Iam interested in phenomena where you could perceive presence of anomalous entities (intelligence and communication issues) with concurrent anomalous conditions both in the interface between perceptor and phenomena, so as perceptors ASC, all this resulting in an interaction event (anomalous encounter). The phenomena of my interest are not only those concerning the external anomalous entities (intelligences), but also those anomalous behaviour (physiological and psychological states) arising from perceptors reactions in the presence of anomalous phenomena. All this aspects are also part of GAP.

I prefer to have direct contact with researchers and with interested people.

My personal blog is http://micheljordan.blogspot.com/ (sorry, it’s in Spanish only for now)
My parapsychological blog is http://esiomajb.blogspot.com/ (sorry, it’s in Spanish and with some documents in english and german)

Best regards,
Michel (Miguel Jordan)
Edition: 24/10/07
Correction: 29/10/07

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