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About my research and purposes

Dear Friends:

The next text is part of an asnwer to a person who asked me some issues in relation to my UFO activity and experiences and ideas. Normally I write in spanish and there is less information about me in english. Let me offer the next information in relation to my activity and person.

Thanks for the comprehension.

Little profile of myself!

My name is Miguel Jordan (Michel) and Iam a chilean UFO and paranormal researcher since final 1996. I worked a lot in this science unless some people would consider it a proto or pseudoscience. I try to help people who have had strong and close experiencies with such phenomena. I specially work with witnesses, parents and others related.

Iam an electrical engineer but I do not prefer to mix both research areas because beeing a parapsychologist (an also a ufologist) has been nothing easy to be understood by many researchers using the scientific method.

I have experienced the paranormal phenomena where I consider the UFO (OVNI) phenomena as a special group the paranormal group, where the UFO presence is one of the phenomenological sides but the most interesant ones are those related to the UFO presence, specially the paranormal ones. The UFO is more a symbolical object to identificate and classify the phenomena but nothing more than this because the rest belong to the paranormal area. But what is paranormal for me and what it is for another researcher is something where we could find many different approaches and definitions.

I experienced those phenomena when I was very child but on that time I did not realized that it could be something important, specially because many people do not believe on it or are educated in order to disbelieve those kind of experiencies and episodes. But this were my first encounters with a phenomena that will be experienced closer and ofter when I was aprox. 25 years old when I started to make contact with the intelligent UFO Phenomena and manifestations on 1996 in Chile near to santiago (the capital) to the inner of the central valley and specially to the inner of the Maipo montains (Cajón del Maipo). This area is a UFO hot point specially for those who live near to the city but the UFO phenomena also could be easily encountered in many other points in Chile.

After many experiencies I began to know that there is a real anomalous and unknown intelligent phenomena, but not human in the sense we know what "human" means!

I do not know very well what happens outside our planet but my intuition tells me that the last idea would be to suppose that we are alone. But I do not have any proof of E.T. life existence unless I believe this could be one of many alternatives to explain a lot of files (witnesses and contactees reports). Why not? I also believe you could be a witness of the presence of different beeings like E.T., "n-and non-dimensional", gnomos, spirits, angels, dead people, people who is actually dreaming and bilocated (the body remains in a different place than the actual where a witness and a manifestation of the dreamer meet together (see ), supernatural, preternatural and so many other different possibilities.

I know a lot of people who told me that the beeings that they contactd are ETs or as less related to the ET context or possibility but this is a point where we have to be very careful because I also believe that there are beeings that in such ways act or behave as if they are ETs (or something else) but they are just "demons" and "devils" and play with the people making them believe that they are ET or proposing them this possibility but indirectly (through human decision about the best alternative for explaining there experiences). There is also a rich information about people (for example magicians or chamans) that have the possibility to appear or dissapear or manifest to people using masks!

Are these unknown beeings hostile?

I do not know if there are hostile people (unless ET or nor ET or mixes of groups) but I have had some experiences (with or without UFO presence) where you can perceive unusual presences and you react in such a way as if your emotions are close to the fear reaction maybe because we do not know the existence of that intelligent presence or do not not believe in such possibilities and suddenly confront them face to face. Another important reason is that we do not know how to deal or react in such an unusual situations (condition or altered states of conciousness) specially when we perceive them and never experienced something like this before!

When reporting the experience some people say "it was a good" or "it was a bad" experience or feeling but in many cases (files) you discover that some of these reactions or experience evaluations (emotional and rational assimilation) are influenced by religious and social factors. But of course I believe that there are some experiences that are definetively not good in esence and your intuition tells you that those unknown people appearing close to you do not have god intentions and also they behave like this! Considering this examples for such kind of paranormal episodes, the word "hostile" is sometimes not enough to describe the whole scene and situation.

About my goal in the paranormal research!

My goal in this kind of research is informing you that there is a true unusual and intelligent phenomena sometimes including the presence of unknown people also considering beeings that seem to be very similar than humans (anthropomorphic).

Second, I try to help people who have had unusual experiencies and who do not know very well how to understand these kind of episodes and need to be better informed about the possible real facts related to the experience. In some cases (files) many issues of the unusual episode are something known but not recognized in the beginning of the appearance, and sometimes they are definitively not known. There are also mixes of both possibilities and saying this could be supposed something trivial but these are part of a group of mysteries that give a special interesant quality and distinction to the paranormal phenomena, this means that it is not so easy to argue some explanations to understand the facts and to propose a correct theory.

I try to help those witnesses in provide them of better information specially tools and decision criterias in order to allow them to get a correct assimilation and understanding of the unusual facts they experience. Also I try to give them some help if one sees the possibility that the witnesses is unconscioussly inside a paranormal manifestation process. Our goal is to inform them in a better way about the possible alternatives of phenomena when they need to classify their experiences mostly uninformed of the existence of paranormal phenomena (and different variants), and specialy to propose them to be very self-critic (self-criticize) and autodidact. Personally I try to avoid to confuse the witness with a cloud of phenomena but with a finite group that better matches what they experienced.

Depending on each file (case) sometimes is it also necessary to help to understand the significance of experiencing (or having experienced) such kind of manifestations and phenomena, their own altered state of perception and posterior memory or event recall.

Here Iam very interested in possible witnesses of phemomena or intelligent manifestations where they have posterior problems (sometimes traumas) in their future behaviours, or their ways of conciliating ther believes and ways of looking the world before and after the unusual experience.

In some files (cases) some people will experience a long paranormal process and beeing a witnees of long lasting phenomena. When we see some indicators that provides us the identification of such a possibility, we have to prepare the witnesses for a next step: the experience of a contactee (see ). Contactee is not a concept only related to UFO phenomena but a general one (in a broader sense, a frequent witness of paranormal phenomena). Also some witnesses begin to experience paranormal conditions and events and also some capabilities that are not common and natural (as less for the society). Such people need also to be informed of such episodes and experiences.

How do I use the information resulting from the paranormal research?

The information I collect is specially used in many ways: 1) helping witnesses; 2) helping their parents or friends or people directly involved in their live in order to understand that these kind of experiences are not something easy to confront and to understand, specially for the witnesses. This is a very important factor to be considered because in some cases it is very possible that the paranormal witness begin to enter in an emotional process where they will have to change their beliefs and feelings and will also need to be helped in a world that normally strongly critize the witness specially asking for physical evidence in order to be believed but the witness is not in the possibility to offer proofs because they can not control the phenomena in order to force a paranormal appearance to those skeptics. The witness will begin to understand the mena of an "independent intelligence" that appears when it wishes, not when the witness would like; 3) help to inform in a better and best based way about these kind of unusual phenomena and experiences, specially to believers and skeptics in order to invite toa more respectful way of treating the witnesses and also having a more respectful way of assimilating the possible facts related to these unknown intelligent entities and their related realities.

In order to advance in this issues we need more collaboration and respect and specially to make deep and constant specialized research, but I personally feel that more important that the former is to have a high ethical and moral attitude because the world related to the paranormal is not an easy task and must not be used as a way for making money or for other unfortunate intentions.

I hope this explanation of this topics is enough to explain what I do, what I believe and know are "facts" for me, and in a very shor way what I have personally experienced in relation to the paranormal and not paranormal.

About my research you can look at the documents in this blog ( ) or searching in a easier way the name of each document at (a resume of the whole documents cited in the first webpage).

Best regards and thanks for reading,

Miguel Jordan (Michel)
1st Edition: 10/09/2007

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