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About Nazi UFO´s

Dear readers:

There are many nazi followers or sympathizers that suppose UFOs are beeing developed by nazis.

For those who are sure that this is true, try to answer next questions:

1) Have you been as less one time inside one of these devices?

2) Do you know if there are different procedences or nature or origins of these devices?

Can you accept that there are maybe many alternatives (some concurrent) and possibilities in order to answer what UFO phenomena is?

Have you heard about the next hypothesis for answering different UFO files and ocurrences?

a) human made UFOs
b) non human made UFOs
c) none known dimensions UFOs
d) anomalous aerial phenomena
e) psychosocial UFO phenomena
f) disinformation
g) other explanations
h) a mix of all mentioned alternatives

3) What is your experience in these anomalous phenomena called UFO in order to be sure about claiming nazi theories?

4) Would you accept that a lot of nazi theories are valid for one or reduced groups of UFO phenomena but not for others?

Let me remember you that UFOs are not something from the 40 or 50 years, but for centuries.
There are many stories of indigenous peoples of the americas or amerindians , specially in south-america where I realized most of my "anomalous phenomena" research, people speaking of contacts with UFO and strange people which episodes are still happening until the present?

Iam sure there must be other "man made" UFOs but claiming that all UFOs have only one procedence and nature is not affortunate and shows lack of research, or it is the result of research in physical areas and times where no genuine UFO phenomena occurs. You need to know that in ufology you need also to have "good luck" in order to be witness of genuine UFO phenomena!

About nazi technology, Iam sure many nazi followers or sympathizers have no idea that what german researchers developed during the genocide and perverse government of Adolf Hitler and his SS corrupt group is not nazi, but german. Many researchers just do their work and it does not mean that it is a green or red ideological technology only because there is a green or red government in the top, respectively.

I had make a large historical nazi research in germany with original information and can say that must of the nazi propaganda is only a lie (and probably some information of the allies). Nazi groups have had no origins, no historical "arian" generations of people, no culture, no religion, no story, nothing. They only took (if not steal) it from other cultures and made a mix of things and tried to present it as own but it was not genuine nazi but from foreign cultures they also clasified as "not pure" (in other words, susceptible to be killed).

Iam not saying that it is not possible that some UFO devices were produced by german (and other) researchers during the nazi government and if they were successfull or not is something we do not know because there are no photos or videos showing those devices flying and behaving like real UFOs, unless the form "seemed" to be similar. Real genuine UFOs, those who generate the need for the use of the concept UFO (genuine UFO) behave in a very different way than those military UFOs.

Please be very carefull with the nazi propaganda that tries to market a nazi product (the UFOs of nazi procedence) about which there is no evidence, and try to remember that if Hitler was nazi and he was the director of the german regimen it does not mean that something produced in that time in germany was necessarily nazi: for example the production of meat and eggs were not nazi (as it is today and as it was for centuries) and the farmers producing those food were not necessarily nazi or following the nazi regimen, but the regimen was. To think that all germans were nazi or nazi sympathizers is another wrong idea, but a strategy from the nazis and nazi followers in order to disinform.

Be careful with nazi followers because they know exactly what to say and inform in order to gain attention from some people they are looking for, but they will never tell the true stories nor the whole context. They are experts of disinformation.

Best regards,

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