miércoles, diciembre 01, 2010

A short description of the Isla Friendship (Friendship Island) organization in Chile

Dear reader:

We need to find people interested in chasing nazis in southamerica.

We are still making research about irregular activities of a group called "Friendship" o "Isla Friendship" whos members and followers talk about an organization working in an Island in Chile where they would be working on terminal illnesses healing like cancer. Unless now there is no proof of as less one person healed, no medical information and no physicians related to this examinations and diagnostics.

A deeper research showed us that this friendship organizacion began initially as an old nazi group conformed by people arrived just before and just after the second world war, specially europeans and germans. Other organizations joined this group later (mormons, chileans making bussiness with the friendships and US military and scientist groups).

Are you interested in chasing persons and groups that could be related to criminal acts against people (remember the holocaust facts)?

Best regards,

Miguel Jordan (Michel)
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